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Safia Sattaur, EBA Licensed Salesperson NY

Cell: (718) 673-1978


Languages Spoken: English

BIO Safia is an Exclusive Buyers Agent, Certified Professional Business & Leadership Coach, mom of 3 and home buying, design and renovation enthusiast. She has a passion for creating connections in everything she does and believes that the right home and home buying experience begins with the connection you feel to your agent, your sellers and most importantly your home.

After purchasing their family home on Long Island in 2016, Safia took on the tedious task of researching, interviewing, hiring and then managing the 2 year long renovation project along with her builders to transform a small fixer upper into her dream home.

“This was one of the biggest learning experiences for me. Not only did I become extremely knowledgeable on what goes into buying the right house but I made it my job to master all of the intricacies that goes into obtaining permits, contractors, vendors and most importantly developing the ability to look past the four walls of someone else’s house in order to create the vision and reality for your dream home.”

Safia brings her attention to detail, passion for home design and value for creating high quality client relationships coupled with her knowledge of real estate and her business background to the Lux House Hunters Team.She loves helping others realize their visions and dreams and nothing excites her more than seeing her clients achieve their home buying goals.

She received her B.A from the University Of California Irvine (UCI) and her Certified Professional Coaching (CPC) from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. When she is not busy running her coaching business or working with home buyers, Safia devotes her time, energy and efforts to her raising her three young children.

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